Reminders !

Photos – Letter m and d 

All those who did not send in the photos of the mother/mother figure, dad/dad figure kindly do so by Monday 6th November.

The children will get upset not having a picture to stick in their workbook.

Consent Forms

Kindly send in by Monday 6th November

  • The concert consent form (Attached in a previous blog and send to me).
  • The pet participation form if you are interested (see previous blog for form and submit to Ms. Georgina).
  • The outing form Ms. Karen Galea had sent so the children will be able to go on the outing (Submit to me).




Animal Awareness Day Cooking Activity

Dear all,

As part of the activities for animal awareness day on Tuesday 7th November we will be doing a cooking activity in class.

We will be doing the following two food crafts a cat and a mouse.


Can you kindly send in the following items –

  • 1 slice of (sliced) white or brown bread
  • 1 sliced square cheese with which we will do the ears and the mouth
  • 1 round cracker for the mouse base Eg Branette or 1 rice cracker
  • One plate labelled with the child’s name.
  • One empty container/lunch box for those children who would prefer to take the created items at home.

I will be providing the rest.

Ms. Geraldine


Christmas Concert Form


Dear parents and guardians,

Attached please find some generic information about the Christmas Concert along with the participation consent form.

Kindly fill it up and hand it back by Monday 6th November so I know how many children will be taking part.

It is only then that I can start sorting out which role each child will have.  I will also start seeing to costumes and what is needed so I can tell you the exact amount which will not exceed €25.00.

Consent Form Xmas Concert 2017#Pre Jun to Jun 3


Animal Awareness And The Multi-Activity Marathon


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Another two exciting events are happening next week at school as per school calendar.  Animal Awareness Day and the Multi Marathon Activity amalgamated as one will take place on Tuesday 7th November.

These two events are very popular with the students.   The younger ones are most especially fond of the former event as children in general love animals.

I am attaching the circular that Ms. Georgina our events coordinator sent out to you parents just in case you did not receive it for your perusal.

  • If you do have any pets I encourage you to fill up the form to participate with your pet.
  • You can even give a simple talk to the pre-junior classes about the pet and its species. (See the form). It is a lovely experience for the younger ones which they well cherish for a long time.
  • For this event the children are allowed to wear casual clothing. One of the items has to be  purple as a gesture of solidarity against animal abuse.
  • In conjunction with these events we will also be going on an outing to Girgenti Farms on Wednesday 8th November where the children will visit the animals and even participate in a fun scavenger hunt where they learn about the life on a farm. If the children have wellington boots they are allowed to wear them on that day.


Parent Notice#Animal Awareness#MAM 2017


Halloween Activities At School


The children enjoyed the many activities we planned for them on this much awaited day.

They were counting the nights they had to sleep in order to be able to wear their costume.  In fact we started the day with the children showing their costume to their friends during circle time.

We then had some breakfast after which we headed to the canteen along with the other pre-junior classes to play some Halloween themed games.  It was great seeing their enthusiasm trying to aim bean bags at the witch’s hats or trying to aim balls at ghost looking decorated toilet rolls.

Last but not least the last two games proved to be a challenge when they had to use pincers to grab tiny spiders from s huge sand tray and blow at spiders to make them move in a straight line.

Here are some photos of these activities.

After sharing the party food and dancing to some child friendly music we visited the other pre-junior classes as well as the grade 1’s for some trick or treating.

Likewise the other classes came to visit our class where we shared the lovely treats and trinkets you so kindly sent in.  In the photos below the children are waiting in a maze shape for the other classes to knock on the door.

Last but not least the day came to an end with our cooking activity.

They created a sleeping mummy out of wraps, kunserva, shredded mozzarella and diced olives.  They also created a ghost out of half a banana and raisin eyes.

Some children were full by now and so we put these items in the empty lunchboxes some of you provided.

Important note – 4 people did not settle the amount of 4.50 euros.  Kindly do so by Monday.


Library Day

Since on Thursday the children will be on mid-term holidays, the next library day will take place the following Thursday 9th November.

Please send in the blue folder, reading book and blue copybook on the mentioned date.

I will send the folder and its content back home on the following day.

Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine   🙂



Green Recycled Paper

green recycled

Dear parents and guardians,

In the upcoming weeks we will be discussing recycling in class.

If you come across green coloured pages in a magazine or a piece of wrapping paper which you are going to throw away can you kindly send it in your child’s folder please.

Thank you for your help

Ms.  Geraldine   🙂


The Square


In the topic work blog I mentioned that we read a book in class called Square Cat.  This was the introduction to our numeracy lesson tackling the square shape.

The children learnt that shapes have their own properties or to make it simpler they have their own rules to give them the shape they have.

Wilf helped us see these square rules:

  • A square has four sides.
  • These sides are all of equal size. There are no sides which stretch out.
  • A square has four corners.
  • A square cannot roll over.

With these properties in mind the children were able to look around the classroom for square objects.

Their treasure hunt was successful as they found these square objects, different blocks, books, cushions, the light switches, flashcards, boxes, lunch boxes amongst other things.

They also distinguished square blocks from other different shapes.

The children worked on their shapes workbook where they had to colour in the square shape amongst other shapes.  They sponge-painted squares onto the same workbook.

The children also created a craft representing the Square Cat which is hanging outside our classroom.   They also created square shapes with blocks and other manipulatives.

The Square Song



Term 1 Week 5 – Letter k

The following day we took a closer look at the letter k sound and its formation.  We briefly revised the ck concept mentioned in the previous literacy blog.

It was mentioned that cats have their babies which we call kittens, these too eventually grow up.  We played games on the interactive whiteboard to reinforce the difference between the c and the k.

We proceeded to words which start with the k sound.  We came up with these words, kite, key, kangaroo, koala, king, and kite.

Pictures of every word discussed were put up on the board to help those children who have limited English vocabulary.

The jolly phonics story for the letter k sound is the same for the c sound.

A family is visiting a castle in Spain.  While they are sitting outside a café’, some Spanish dancers appear in the courtyard.  The ladies wear brightly coloured dresses and click castanets going saying, /c,c,c,c/. (As you can see there are no words starting specifically with k because the emphasis is on the sound not on the written word at this level.)

c action

Action of the letter k sound (Is the same for the c sound).

The action done when saying the k sound is associated with the picture story like all the other letter actions are.  Raise your hands and snap your fingers together as if you are playing castanets saying k,k,k.

Jolly Phonic Rhyme Letter k sound


  • Step 1 – Start at the top
  • Step 2 – Go down
  • Step 3 – A small bounce
  • Step 4 – Make a loop
  • Step 5 – And kick

k formation.png

As you can see we use the above k formation and not the one we commonly see in books (k).  I showed the difference to the children. It is important that you use this formation of letter k.

Using the curly k as we call it helps the children when they come to join letters together in the future.

 Practice Game Ideas For Home

  • You can practice the letter formation by using a white board and colourful washable markers using the steps above.
  • You can place about 5 objects or pictures on the table, amongst which you have objects starting with the letter k
  • Look for things around you which start with the k Say the name of each object emphasizing and exaggerating the first letter sound of each object and ask your child if that object or picture starts with the letter sound k.  This is a skill which needs loads of practice, so don’t get worried if they are not understanding as yet what this means.  Praise at this point is very important to build their confidence J

The children practiced the formation of this letter on their literacy scrapbook using crayons.  They sorted out letter beans, they also practiced the k formation using large flashcards.

Three Little Kittens Song –