Term 1 Week 2 – The Story of Creation

gods creation
Our first religion lesson for this term is the story of creation.  First I showed them a children’s Bible Book and told them that in this book we find many special stories about Jesus and what happened long time ago.

The children became aware that there was a time where nothing existed.  But God who loves us very much created the world we live in.

They then listened in to the following video clip :

We then discussed what we saw in the video clip and each child had a turn to think and mention 1 thing they thought God created.  These are some of the thing they mentioned.


We also saw that on the last day of creation God made man.  He made us.  We are very special and unique for God.

The children then played with various animals that God created.  At this point the children who do not follow the religion lesson joined in to play as well.

We ended the lesson by starting a collage representing creation where the children enjoyed gluing kite paper to represent the sky etc.

The collage will be finished next week.  Here is a glimpse of the start of our collage.  More photos will be posted next week.





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