People Who Help Us


Dear parents and guardians,

As you all know we started the topic work Malta.  In conjunction with this we will also be talking about people who help us in our community.

To make this topic special we are asking for your help.  We are planning of having people come over to the pre-junior classes to talk about their profession.

So if you are interested to come to class and give a short talk about your job please let us know.  Obviously the profession has to be in theme to the topic discussed at the time.  So we are looking out for

  • Anybody working in the police force eg policeman/woman, warden etc.
  • Doctor/nurse/dentist/vet
  • A pilot with Air Malta or any other entity.
  • Air hostess/steward
  • Anyone who can drive a speedboat.
  • A life guard or any related work.
  • Fisherman
  • Anyone who might have a Maltese dog
  • Farmer growing oranges and other fruit
  • Expert on Maltese animals eg lizards, birds etc.

If you are interested or know of anyone who would conduct a simple talk to the children please send the profession on my school email.

We will discuss the questions beforehand.  If your profession is not listed in the above but are still interested to give a talk to the children let me know just the same.  I am sure we can manage it.


Thank you for your co-operation

Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine




World Book Day

book day.png

Dear parents and guardians,

On Monday 23rd April we will celebrate World Book Day.

At school we are organizing various activities for our little ones to make this day one to remember.  There will be fun animated reading sessions accompanied by hands on activities.

We will also take the children to our school library where they can experience the feel of a library and try and nurture in them the love of books.

On this occasion the children are to come to school in a costume of your choice preferably of their favourite super hero.

Even the adults are going to be in costume   🙂

PS – It is a normal school day for the children.  If you have any queries just let me know.



Dear all,

Thank you for sending in most of the letter flashcards.  It was brought to my attention that I did not send 2 letters r and q.  My apologies.

I forgot to slip them in the children’s red folder.  I will be laminating those two letters myself.  So don’t worry that you do not have them.

All those who did not send the laminations in please don’t forget to label the flashcards at the back with your child’s name and to insert the flashcards in a small A5 folder before sending them to school.


Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine


Learning Journal – Progress Reports

Dear all,

Today I sent home your child’s learning journal.

  • As you got used to by now you have to keep the 3 workbooks entitled “Patterns” at home for revision purposes and as keepsake.
  • Please read my comments pertaining to the “Patterns” section. Work which was done during January and February.
  • Write your own comments in the space provided below that.
  • Please send in the display file in by not later than Friday 20th April.


Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine


Sports Day Note 3 – T-Shirt Colour

Dear all,

As promised I am sending the colour of the t-shirt which each child needs to wear for Sports Day on the 4th of May.

It is acceptable if the t-shirt has a picture in front or at the back as long as the main base colour is the one I assigned below.  Any shade of the colour given is fine.

Please send the t-shirt in by Friday 27th April for me to see.  I will keep it at school for one rehearsal and then send it back before sports day so the children can come ready with it on.


I will send further details closer to the date.  Thank you for sending the back packs and the other stationery I asked for.

Those who did not send them in yet kindly do so as early as possible.

We will be using the back pack next week during sports day rehearsals.

Ms. Geraldine


Laminated Letter Flashcards



Dear parents and guardians,

Today in your son/daughter’s folders you will find 2 papers with letter flashcards.  Kindly do the following:

  • Cut them out, keeping to the same size as the boxes they are in.
  • Write the name of your child in legible handwriting at the back of each one. (So your child can be able to read their name).
  • Laminate them.
  • Put them in a small plastic button envelope folder, which fits into their usual big red folder.
  • Please send them back to school by Monday 16th April as we will soon start using them in class to play letter/word games I have prepared for them as well as forming cvc words.
  • All those children who did not get their red folder today do not have the flashcard papers in their bag as they would have all been crushed. Please send in the red folder so I can also send the flashcard papers home for lamination.


Thanks for your co-operation


Ms. Geraldine


Gentle Reminder and Sports Day Note 2

Dear all,

Gentle reminders –

  • Children start school again on Monday 9th
  • They have to come to school with their winter uniform.
  • Please send in the following (as per previous blog).
    • packet of wipes
    • 2 medium tubes of glue stick
    • A photo of your child doing some Easter activity
    • Sports day consent form for your child
    • 1 euro for the sports day props
    • Participation forms for all those mummies and daddies taking part in the parents’ races

Very Important:  For one of the Sports Day games could you kindly send in a small backpack which we will be keeping at school for our race rehearsals.  Kindly label each bag clearly.  I will be sending it back after the 4th of May when sports day is over.

I will be able to tell you the colour of the t-shirt that the children need for sports day when everyone would have sent me confirmation that their child is taking part.
Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine


Easter Time Photos


Dear all,

Hope you all had a lovely Easter Sunday with your loved ones!  As an introduction for the first week of school after the holidays the children will be having a show and tell session during circle time.

So could you please send over:

  • A photo of an event you and the children did together: it could be a photo at the park or near the sea, it could be a photo of a trip abroad or in Gozo or even a cooking fun session at home.  It could be a funny photo to capture a special moment. Basically anything that the children could talk about which took place during the Easter holidays.

Thank you very much

Looking forward to listening to their lovely little stories   🙂


Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine


Low Resources

Dear parents and guardians,

One week to go for the children to start the third and last term. Some of the class supplies you sent in at the beginning of the scholastic year are running very low.  Could you kindly send over the following items:

  1. 1 big packet (approximately the 72 pack) of sensitive wipes – not the ones used to wipe tables with.
  2. 2 tubes of medium glue stick.

(PS – The above pictures are just examples.  You can send in any brand of your choice.)


Thanks for your constant help and co-operation.



Ms. Geraldine