Gentle Reminder – Class Photo


A gentle reminder that tomorrow Monday 13th November we will be taking the class photo.

The children have to wear the following:

  • Their winter tracksuit. Mainly the orange sweater and the long jogging pants.
  • The navy blue school shoes.
  • If the girls wear headbands, clips or any rubber bands these have to be blue or orange in colour.



Christmas Concert Note 2


Dear parents and guardians,

The Christmas concert is round the corner and we are very busy putting together the eagerly awaited show.

This year we have decided that the costumes will be ordered on line.  You will obviously be able to keep the costumes after the concert.

  • Please send in 25 euros in a sealed envelope addressed to me, indicating the class and your child’s name written on the envelope for us to be able to purchase them. (I will not be able to accept any money which is not sent in as indicated above).  Please send the money and size by Tuesday 14th.  No cheques are accepted. 
  • In the same envelope please write the clothes size of your child (eg dress size 3 to 4yr old, 6 to 7 years.)
  • Please ignore this note if you have already sent the money.

Kind regards

Ms. Geraldine


Girgenti Farm Outing Photos


As you all know our first school outing was to Girgenti Petting Farm in Siggiewi.

The children really enjoyed this unforgettable experience.

  • We started off the day with a scavenger hunt where the children teamed in twos and they had to observe and search for specific items and put them in a pot. Each team had a picture card which indicated which items they had to look out for.  At the end of this activity they had to sort out the items and put them in separate buckets.  I am really proud of each and every one of the children they worked together like clockwork.  The enthusiasm and excitement on their faces was memorable.
  • They then had their lunch on huge picnic mats where they chatted to their hearts content.
  • Our next activity was visiting the various animals on the farm and feeding them. The children fed pigs, geese, ducks, sheep, a donkey and two horses.
  • They also potted a little plant which they all brought home.
  • Last but not least they had some time to play in the children’s play area after which we all headed back to school grateful that it did not rain and totally exhausted.

Here are the photo of the day   🙂



Animal Awareness Day Photos

Tuesday was an exciting day for the children at school since we had the animal awareness activities.

All this was possible with the help of the parents and relatives who could get over their pets to school for all the students to see and enquire about.

So thank you wholeheartedly for making this day a special one for them.

Our day in pre-junior started with a visit to the school grounds where there were various animals waiting for their pets and cuddles  🙂

Our class had a cute little headband which they had finger painted a few weeks back when we were doing letter c for cat.  Here are some photos showing the above.

Surprise visitors came to class with their animals after we had some breakfast and circle time.  The children could take a closer look and even ask questions.

We had Jeanmarie’s mum visit with Tikku the cute spotted dog,  Adaya’s dad and grandad who brought along a peacock and a lamb and last but not least Ms. Karen with her adorable rabbit Cookie.


Cooking was our last activity for the day.  The children created two animal food items, cat’s face and a tiny little mouse.  Here is the last batch of photos.  Enjoy   🙂




Girgenti Farm Outing Points

Dear parents and guardians,

Some points regarding tomorrow’s outing.

  • Students are to come to school wearing their school tracksuit trousers. As regards the top you can choose between the polo shirt and cardigan or the sweater depending on the weather.  If you are in doubt you can always send the children with the polo shirt underneath the sweater and then we can remove sweater and put it in the bag before we leave for the outing.  It is always quite chilly in the morning.
  • Kids who have wellington boots can bring them along in a separate bag however this is not compulsory.
  • You are kindly requested to provide your child with a healthy snack and drink (placed in a separate labelled small bag), which your child will be carrying along on the outing.
  • They will have a light breakfast as usual in the early morning before leaving and a third light snack when they return to school in the afternoon, so you are to cater for 3 breaks in total as usual. Please send these two in their usual school bag.
  • Please bring the children on time as we need to give them breakfast before and take them to the bathroom before we leave.

Please note that the outing will be postponed in the case of bad weather and we will have a normal school day.


Ms Geraldine



Reminder – Animal Awareness and Multi Marathon Activities

Some reminders for tomorrow:

  • The children have to come to school in casual clothes. Preferably with a hint of purple to show solidarity against animal abuse.
  • We will start the day by going around the school grounds admiring various animals brought in by parents and other NGO’s. We start touring at 8am so please try and bring the children on time.  Before 8am would be better.
  • They will also be participating in animal themed activities which we have prepared in class.


  • Please don’t forget to send in the cooking items and an empty container for your child to bring the items home if he/she will not eat it at school.
  • Besides being a fun and educational venture, another purpose of tomorrow’s activities is to raise funds for animals and other charities.  The funds will be donated to Marie Midolo Foundation, the RMJ Horse Rescue and The Wildlife Rescue Team.  If you wish to donate some money, please place it in a sealed envelope together with the form provided by Ms. Georgina and pass it on to Ms. Sue or Mr. Brian.
  • Any canned animal food is welcome to be then donated to animal charities. (As per circular sent by Ms. Georgina).
  • Hope some of you will bring their animals to school for the children to see. Georgina will guide you to the classes to visit but please do mention that you have a child in Pre-Junior B so you would be able to come to our class too.  We would love to have you!

School starts and finishes as usual.

Please send in their normal lunch and snacks as you usually do.

Ms. Geraldine


Reminders !

Photos – Letter m and d 

All those who did not send in the photos of the mother/mother figure, dad/dad figure kindly do so by Monday 6th November.

The children will get upset not having a picture to stick in their workbook.

Consent Forms

Kindly send in by Monday 6th November

  • The concert consent form (Attached in a previous blog and send to me).
  • The pet participation form if you are interested (see previous blog for form and submit to Ms. Georgina).
  • The outing form Ms. Karen Galea had sent so the children will be able to go on the outing (Submit to me).



Animal Awareness Day Cooking Activity

Dear all,

As part of the activities for animal awareness day on Tuesday 7th November we will be doing a cooking activity in class.

We will be doing the following two food crafts a cat and a mouse.


Can you kindly send in the following items –

  • 1 slice of (sliced) white or brown bread
  • 1 sliced square cheese with which we will do the ears and the mouth
  • 1 round cracker for the mouse base Eg Branette or 1 rice cracker
  • One plate labelled with the child’s name.
  • One empty container/lunch box for those children who would prefer to take the created items at home.

I will be providing the rest.

Ms. Geraldine


Christmas Concert Form


Dear parents and guardians,

Attached please find some generic information about the Christmas Concert along with the participation consent form.

Kindly fill it up and hand it back by Monday 6th November so I know how many children will be taking part.

It is only then that I can start sorting out which role each child will have.  I will also start seeing to costumes and what is needed so I can tell you the exact amount which will not exceed €25.00.

Consent Form Xmas Concert 2017#Pre Jun to Jun 3