Animal Awareness And The Multi-Activity Marathon


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Another two exciting events are happening next week at school as per school calendar.  Animal Awareness Day and the Multi Marathon Activity amalgamated as one will take place on Tuesday 7th November.

These two events are very popular with the students.   The younger ones are most especially fond of the former event as children in general love animals.

I am attaching the circular that Ms. Georgina our events coordinator sent out to you parents just in case you did not receive it for your perusal.

  • If you do have any pets I encourage you to fill up the form to participate with your pet.
  • You can even give a simple talk to the pre-junior classes about the pet and its species. (See the form). It is a lovely experience for the younger ones which they well cherish for a long time.
  • For this event the children are allowed to wear casual clothing. One of the items has to be  purple as a gesture of solidarity against animal abuse.
  • In conjunction with these events we will also be going on an outing to Girgenti Farms on Wednesday 8th November where the children will visit the animals and even participate in a fun scavenger hunt where they learn about the life on a farm. If the children have wellington boots they are allowed to wear them on that day.


Parent Notice#Animal Awareness#MAM 2017



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