Term 3 Week 7 – Dentist Outing Photos

The children were very excited to go for the dentist outing.  In preparation for this I spoke to them about the friendly and caring environment one finds at the Demajo Group.

I explained what it would be like to go to the dentist for a check-up.  They watched a couple of stories of children like them who were scared of the dentist but realized that dentists are there to help us.

Caillou At The Dentist –

The Carters Go To the Dentist –

In the photos below you will see you children sitting on the magic chair having their mouths checked with what they called the special mirror.  Some managed to see their teeth on the big screen.

Isaac also saw his tongue and all had a laugh.  Even the Koala back pack had special treatment.  First it had a ride on the nurse’s back followed by a checkup.  Some were fascinated by the equipment in the lab.  A few were taken aback when it was told that older people might end up in dentures.

A set was show to them by Dr. Jean Paul.  Last but not least they were given a small token given by Kin labs which the children brought home.


This is one of the songs we used in class to prepare for the dentist outing.

The children were then taken to the new Pembroke playground where they ate their lunch and played to their hearts content as is seen in some of these cute photos.




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